Dee Dippel


Our founder Dee lives and breathes the outdoor lifestyle. Have you ever seen him sitting still? We haven’t, either. At Loud Performance, Dee does it all: operations, sales, bike mechanics, and even event planning and promotion.

Mountain biking and outdoor sports have been a major part of Dee’s life for more than a decade; he’s won awards for downhill mountain biking, dirt biking, and GNCC racing. In addition to earning a BS in Resource Management and an MS in Safety and Environmental Management, he also attended the Barnett Bicycle Institute in Colorado Springs.

Dee loves his job and his team. Community is a big deal to him, too -- in fact, Dee serves on the Board of Directors for both the Western New York Mountain Bike Association (WNYMBA) and Chautauqua Rails to Trails. When he’s not in the office, you can find him building trails or riding his bike. He’s a top contender for “Best Hair” at Loud Performance, but just between us, Sheena miiiight be giving him a run for his money.

Follow him on Instagram @Loud__Diesel

Murl Kinal

Owner & Service Manager

Murl does most of our service work and bike builds here at Loud Performance HQ. Have a complex project or some heavy lifting that needs to be done? Murl’s your guy. He’s got the mind of a visionary-meets-engineer, which means he can quickly organize and execute even the most complex builds and repairs.

Like Dee, Murl is in his third year of serving as a trail steward for Long Point State Park and has been an active cyclist for over ten years. Murl might be the quiet type, but he’s got a sharp, curious mind that’s always on the go. He’s mechanically inclined and business-minded, and the Loud Family loves that about him.

Murl’s favorite way to spend his time? Being with people he loves and doing something he’s passionate about. When he’s not building sweet bikes, making intricate repairs, or leading trail rides, he’s probably traveling, hunting, or practicing archery.

Follow him on Instagram @Murklinal

Sheena Dippel

Office Manager

Sheena takes care of all of the customer relations, team work, and paperwork that make the Loud world go ‘round. She’s known for being kind, friendly, compassionate, bubbly... and for having fabulous hair.

Her favorite part of working at Loud Performance? Having the chance to talk to and get to know her customers. The mountain biking and snowmobile community is full of wonderful people, and Sheena’s grateful to be part of it. The worst part of working at Loud Performance? When it rains and she can’t get out and ride!

When she’s not keeping things running in the office or exploring nearby trails on her bike, Sheena will almost always be on some sort of fun adventure with her family. She delights in being a mama to two adorable kids: a sweet little princess and a wonderful little wild man.

Follow her on Instagram @Sheena.ofthejungle

Heather Kinal

Social Media & Marketing

Heather is the Queen of Get Stuff Done here at Loud. Instead of saying “We should do x!”, she actually, you know, does it. When you’re procrastinating at the office because you can’t stop looking at Loud Performance on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, well… you have Heather to thank.

The highlight of her work? Building The Ladies of Loud -- a community of women mountain bikers who gather to support one another, learn new skills, and increase their confidence. Heather loves hosting events and building community, so getting women together in a safe space where they can sharpen their techniques and spark friendships could not be more perfect for her.

When she’s not on the trails, you can find Heather traveling, savoring good wine (or beer… or Bourbon), and enjoying the company of her pup and chickens.

Follow her on Instagram @HeluvaHeather